Zahreela 2001 film complet

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Genre : Action / Drama / Thriller
Synopis : Arun Dev is a famous criminal lawyer who always tries to plead against criminals. He lives happily with his wife Nisha, sister Pooja and his friend Kartar Singh. Before few years he fight in court against an hardcore criminal Dusyanti Kumar in a rape trial and sent him into the prison. After releasing from jail Dushyanti started to take revenge to Arun's family. Dushyanti befriended with his sister Pooja and threat Arun but Arun make her aware about Dushyanti. Dushyanti continuously disturbing Arun's family life without leaving any evidence. He also killed Kartar Singh while Kartar tried to protest him. Helpless Arun goes to police but all in vein.



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